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Landscape FAQ’s In Apache Junction, AZ

Q. What plants work best in the desert?

The best desert landscaping plants are Cacti, Lantana, Oleander, Sage, Agave, Palm Trees, and Bougainvillea among many others.

Q. What kind of yard requires less water?

Xeriscape is a great option that requires very little to no water. However, if you are looking to keep your yard green with no water use, artificial turf would be an excellent choice. Contact us at 480-677-5742 to learn more about these options for your home or business.

Artificial Turf – Apache Junction, AZ - E H Landscaping

Q. How do you lay pavers?

Laying pavers can be tricky. First, you have to grade the area. After grading then you add a 2 inch space of crushed stone or something similar to it, then you lay the pavers. After laying the pavers then you concrete the edges to secure everything in place. Finally, we compact everything again to lock everything in place, for a lost lasting patio or walkway.

Q. Pricing:

Pricing varies depending on the type of job that is being requested. However, at E H Landscaping we work with you and your budget. If something is over your budget, we give you other options that will save you money to help you stay within the budget while still giving you a great finished product.

Q. What are the most common tree sizes to put in a new yard:

15, 24, and 36 gallons.

If there are any additional questions that you have, please call E H Landscaping at 480-677-5742.

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